I•Seoul•U is Seoul’s tagline for its city tourism which winning public’s votes few years ago. It was submitted by a student majoring in philosophy which made me always questioning the meaning of two dots between those 3 separate letters, ‘Is dots became the replacement for love or anything else?’ Eventhough until now I never know its real meaning, those Seoul tagline spread across Seoul and become enough popular, well not very popular like Hollywood-esque at Hollywood Hill, but I•Seoul•U is enough good to be tourist’s photograph.

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Are you k-drama lover? If yes, do you remember K-dramas named Winter Sonata, Autumn in My Heart, Full House, Boys over Flowers, and the hottest one, Descendant of the Sun? Or if you’re K-variety show lover, do you know 2 Days 1 Night or The Return of Superman? Those dramas and variety shows was produced by KBS -Korean Broadcasting System- a public broadcasting station at SK which also had its own broadcasting exhibition hall named KBS ON. Since I think KBS ON will be fulfilled with DotS stuff at that time, I was curious to go there.

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Descendants of the Sun Exhibition

Despite of my timing is a lil bit late since DotS fever at SK happened around first semester of 2016, the buzz of this Kdrama still happen until the end of 2016, well, at least, at Doota stores whereas Song Joong Ki himself is Doota ambassador. As a memorial to SJK and DotS, Doota Duty Free at Dongdaemun made a DotS Exhibition at their store. It was held at May, 20th, 2016 until November, 20th, 2016, but I think it’s still held at Doota Duty Free until now.

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Seorae Galmaegi

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetAfter visiting Dal.komm coffee, I also went to another DotS shooting location at Seoul, a BBQ restaurant named Seorae Galmaegi. Seorae Galmaegi at Hoegi branch is a BBQ restaurant where Captain Yoo and his team get drunk for 3 days 3 nights after they got disbanded from Urk, and later on, Kang Mo Yeon joined their party and get drunk too. In my opinion, without using a placement at DotS, Seorae Galmaegi itself already became a well-known Korea-BBQ restaurant since it had some branches across South East Asia, including at Jakarta and Bandung, Indonesia.

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Dal.Komm Coffee

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetAs I wrote at my previous posts, I got DotS fever during my SK trip. LOL. After I failed to go to the army camp location at Taebaek, I only visited two DotS shooting locations at Seoul, one of them is Dal.Komm coffee at Incheon. This coffee shop is definitely a must visit bcos it was a location whereas two main character of DotS -Yoo Shi Jin and Kang Mo Yeon- had different view about life and went apart at 2nd episode and when both of them finally said love to each other for first time at 15th episode. I went there after my evening stroll at Central Park which very near from this coffee shop and waited my friend which luckily, also got a DotS fever. LOL.

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Songdo Central Park

Processed with VSCO with f2 presetCentral park at Songdo, became my first destination after I landed at airport, simply, because its location at the same area at Incheon. I went there by using an airport bus and had my evening stroll around Central park -judging from its name, it was inspired by Central Park NYC-. I knew about Central park bcos of the famous triplets Korean toddler –Daehan, Minguk and Manse- lived at an apartment building located across from Central Park. I didn’t meet the triplets for real, but seeing their apartment building and having a walk at the same park they used to play, made me happy.

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Studio Valor

Cafe Valor or Studio Valor isn’t an ordinary cafe. At first, it was a store of vintage furniture but the store’s uniqueness made Studio Valor as eligible background for movies, video clips or even photoshoot. I think that’s main reason why the owner changed the store concept became a store-cafe whereas you still could buy furniture and home accessories there while having foods and drinks. As for me, I knew this place based on movie Beauty Inside (2015). The female main lead works at a furniture company, and Studio Valor is the exact shooting location for that.

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