Imagine Your South Korea

BL_yt9IBFiLSK’s trip became my first trip which itinerary was prepared around 4 months before departure date! I’m like in the middle of making a thesis journal rather than an itinerary at that time. LOL. To make an effective itinerary, my biggest helper is google and luckily, I also found  instagram account @imagineyourkorea which became a helpful references of SK’s attraction. This account also made giveaway quizzes and one of them is explaining our reason to go to SK and I participated by re-writing some of my itinerary just like I wrote below.

“There are so many reasons for me to visit Korea. I really want to experience all the beauties of Korea. The beauty of Korea’s nature sceneries where I could enjoy sunrise from Mount Seorak and sunset from Woljeongri beach. The beauty of Korea’s historical sites where I could learn King Sejong the Great’s establishment like the Hall of Worthies at Gyeongbokgung Palace and have a silence journey at Suwon Hwaseong Fortress which was built by King Jungjo for honouring his father. The beauty of Korea’s culture where I could wear a beautiful Hanbok and could participate at Chuseok festival and its three ceremonies, Bulcho, Sungmyo and Charye. The beauty of the Korea’s modernization where I could step my foot at floating made island Some Gavit, Chavit, and Solvit. The beauty of Korea’s fun passion where I could enjoy a full day happiness by playing at Everland. The beauty of Korea’s shopping atmosphere where I could enjoy to have 24 hours-shopping time at Dongdaemun Market. The beauty of Korea’s food, where I could eat all delicious street foods like Tteokbokki with a cup of soju and maybe if I’m enough brave, I also want to eat a little of Sannakji. Above all the beauties I wrote above, I also want to experience the beauty of Korean’s people, for their humorous, joyful and dynamic personalities where I could be friends with them. We could talk about our different cultures and share our excitement and adventure. So please @imagineyourkorea just bring me to Korea where I could enjoy the beauties of Korea”

Few weeks later, I was announced as one of the winners of Song Joong Ki Special Travel Kit which accidentally, winner announcement happened at my birthday! It took more than a month of waiting when I finally received the gift from SK’s main office and to make it more meaningful, I brought (passport case) SJK back to its first place and had pic of my passport with I.Seoul.U logo behind just like the first pic at this post.


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