Ara Modern Art Museum: Life is Beautiful Exhibition

Remember when I wrote about an art appreciation day? After visiting unique studio cafes like Studio Concrete and Studio Valor at the morning and daytime, visiting a museum at Seoul is one of my wishlist to fulfilled my art appreciation day itinerary, and luckily at that time, a very fun exhibition was held at Insadong, Seoul. I went to Ara Modern Art Museum at evening and totally enjoyed my first experience at a Korean-modern museum where I could experience Life is Beautiful’s exhibition by Mr.Brainwash, a french born pop-artist who famous for his Life is Beautiful‘s exhibition since 2008.

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Studio Concrete

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At Seoul, I had a day trip itinerary which I called as ‘an art appreciation day’ whereas one of schedules is visiting Studio Concrete (SC). SC is a small 3-floor art studio which also served as coffee shop. SC became famous because one of the founders was the well known and talented young actor with sexy lips, Yoo Ah In. YAI’s passion for art made him teamed up with some artists and they designed the famous 1 to 10 emotion sweatshirt which was sell by SC. Instead of buying a sweatshirt, to be honest, I came by to see famous actress and actors’ polaroids who wears 1 to 10 emotion sweatshirt.