Namiseom Island

Traveling to SK never be complete if you don’t visit ‘fake’ island named Namiseom island. Became famous as the main location for K-drama at early 2000s Winter Sonata, Namiseom island itself became one of prettiest places I’ve visited. To make it cuter, even it’s just only located at Chuncheon which around 90 minutes from Seoul, It feel like we visit another island country name Naminara Republic because all tourist traveled by passing an immigration gate and having entrance ticket as a visa, such a creative local tourism!

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Garden of Morning Calm

I didn’t plan to visit Garden of Morning Calm at the same day with Nami Island and Petite French trip since our day-trip at Gyeonggi province a little time-strict since my friend need to come back to Seoul at 6 pm. Thanks to impulsive gut bcos we made quick decision when we’re in the bus after took off from Petite French since Gapyeong City Bus Tour’s circle route come to this garden first before going back to station. We already went to Jade Garden the day before, so I didn’t expect much, but turned out, Garden of Morning Calm is so much bigger and more beautiful than Jade Garden!

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Jade Garden Natural Arboretum

Jade Garden Natural Arboretum is another beautiful location outside Seoul. Located at Gangwon province which is about 90 minutes from downtown Seoul, Jade Garden became a famous attraction based on Kdrama The Winter the Wind Blows which spend most of its shooting time at Jade Garden whereas the red brick house is also became Oh Young’s -female main character played by Song Hye Kyo- house. Based on those facts? How could I resist not to go there?

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I•Seoul•U is Seoul’s tagline for its city tourism which winning public’s votes few years ago. It was submitted by a student majoring in philosophy which made me always questioning the meaning of two dots between those 3 separate letters, ‘Is dots became the replacement for love or anything else?’ Eventhough until now I never know its real meaning, those Seoul tagline spread across Seoul and become enough popular, well not very popular like Hollywood-esque at Hollywood Hill, but I•Seoul•U is enough good to be tourist’s photograph.

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