Imagine Your South Korea

BL_yt9IBFiLSK’s trip became my first trip which itinerary was prepared around 4 months before departure date! I’m like in the middle of making a thesis journal rather than an itinerary at that time. LOL. To make an effective itinerary, my biggest helper is google and luckily, I also found  instagram account @imagineyourkorea which became a helpful references of SK’s attraction. This account also made giveaway quizzes and one of them is explaining our reason to go to SK and I participated by re-writing some of my itinerary just like I wrote below.

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Annyeong Haseo, South Korea!

2016-11-12 10.37.08 12017 is on the run! Say yay to new blog beside my movie blog which is now in a-hiatus-mode. This blog was created based on my love to see the world a.k.a travel. At 2015 and 2016, I had some spiritual and fabulous trips, but for know, I want to share my newest trip. My South Korea’s trip at autumn 2016 was so mesmerizing! This trip happened bcos of my dramas fever at 2016, especially for Descendants of the Sun (DotS). Even if you’re not the avid K-drama viewers, I bet at least you knew the title bcos this drama was a big hit at 2016. Korea Tourism Organization pointed  main actor from DotS itself, Song Joong Ki, as their new tourism ambassador at 2016 whereas you could see some cute his advertorials with the tagline Wanna travel Korea with me? The tagline and SJK’s big smile is definitely became a temptation for single lady like me. The tagline to go to South Korea with him feel as great as if he asked us to go to marriage agency, LOL. I mean, how could you resist not to grab his hand in that advertorial?

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